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Be Still In The Dark
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Enable Two Step Verification On Dropbox

Now Dropbox users can secure their Dropbox accounts by adding an extra layer of security to their accounts, as Dropbox has now rolled out Two Step Verification Logging In System, which would allow users to pass through one more step in logging process.

How to enable it, here’s a quick tutorial, Enable Two Step Verification On Dropbox.

Google Drive, is another wonderful online service by Google to backup files and store content online. Here’s a quick way to delete files permanently from Google Drive.

Plugged in, not charging, Laptop Battery Solution For Windows 7

Be it HP, Dell or any other laptop brand, they get hot easily.

I was working on my brothers laptop, with A/C power plugged in. But, I encountered this weird error which says “plugged in not charging” despite all the accessories(battery, charging cable, power cord and other) are working fine

Greasemonkey, web developers best friend, any day….but only if you use Mozilla Firefox..here’s an option for you to enjoy Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome..check it out..

Windows 7 Search not working, is sure one tardy problem you might be facing. But try out these solutions and let us know which one works out for you.

Newly released Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802, if you are looking to drool over. Do not forget to read our hands on review. Got some queries and doubts, share with us, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Google Drive to Dropbox, FTP To Dropbox and there are few more combinations which doesn’t behave well with each others. But here’s a way using which you can transfer data between the two snotty online services. 

TED Talks are sure the best source for all the inspirational talks by experts from all round the world. Check out how you can download multiple TED Talks to your PC.